Terms of Services

1. General

Please read the Terms and conditions of use (Terms of use) carefully. By registering with the Followerstool.com you are confirming that you have read and agree to our terms of use and privacy policy. The Followerstool.com reserves the right to amend / modify the Terms of use at any time with or without prior notice. Any amendments will be effective immediately. We will Always display the date any amendments have been made under the Terms of use title at the top of the page. it is up to you the user to check the terms of use on a regular basis to keep up to date with any changes. It is not the responsibility of the Followerstool.com to notify you of these changes. As a user of the Followerstool.com you commit to providing true and accurate information, and are responsible for keeping account information up to date. We reserve the right to cancel accounts with false or unusable information.

2. Eligibility

a) The access and use of the Followerstool.com is solely for the use persons age 14 years or older, By registering at the Followerstool.com  you are confirming you meet this requirement.
b) Your account information should be true and accurate, and be kept upto date at all times.
c) You will not violate the rights of the Followerstool.com/instagram including intellectual property rights such as trademark or copyright rights.
d) We the Followerstool.com reserve the right to delete your account should you not meet these eligibility requirements.
e) Followerstool.com is not responsible for your instagram account, if you are banned from Instragram because of using our website this is your own responsibility!

3. Accounts

a) A user may use and maintain one account only, members found to be using multiple accounts will be removed.
b) Your registration details are to be kept confidential and must not be used by a third party to gain access to the Followerstool.com.

4. Sponsorship

As a sponsor you agree that all advertising will be offered on an individual basis. The degree of promotion we offer will be relative to the extent of donation provided. Therefore the Followerstool.com can not offer equal advertsing to all, it is offered on a 'the more you give the more advertising we offer you' basis. We will negotiate an agreement between the sponsor and the Followerstool.com to decide on the level of advertising we can offer. This is at our sole discretion.

5. Privacy

Here at the Followerstool.com we take your privacy seriously. We will never supply member information to a third party or individual. the Followerstool.com is SSL certified 256bit encrypted (https) Please refer to our full Privacy policy.

6.Conduct & Content

a) We will not tolerate users of the Followerstool.com to express any use of profanity, racism, hatred, explicit content or threatening behavior on the site. We reserve the right to remove or modify any member content if for any reason we believe it violates these terms.
b) the Followerstool.com is not responsible for any content, disputes or any other matter you the members posts on to the site.
c) As a private member of the Followerstool.com you agree to respect the privacy of other members and not to share their private and presonal information. Any content posted should be done so with complete compliance and agreement from the member and should only be included if the member is happy for this information to be shared with other members.
d) By posting any content on the Followerstool.com you are agreeing to owning full rights and ownership of said content and that it bears no copyright or trademark infringements. 
e) Followerstool.com reserves the right to remove any content that we believe is in violation of our terms or use.

If you have any questions regarding our terms of use please email us on info@followerstool.com.com